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March 25, 2011

Judicial Boundary Realignment Study

The Supreme Court of Virginia has been asked by the General Assembly to review and recommend changes to the existing boundary lines for Virginia's judicial circuits and districts, including the number of judges designated to serve in each proposed judicial circuit and district.

This review of the regional organization of the local courts into various circuits and districts has significance primarily for administrative purposes and for determining in which local courts particular judges will have the authority to preside.

The Court's recommendations are due to the General Assembly by November 1, 2011. Please see the attached letter from Chief Justice Kinser.

Please direct your comments as follows:

Via mail to:

Karl R. Hade
Executive Secretary
Supreme Court of Virginia
100 N. 9th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Or via email to:

To ensure consideration, please provide your input no later than April 18, 2011.

Updated: Mar 25, 2011