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November 24, 2009

Huddleston’s Virginia Is for Good Lawyers Project in National Spotlight

Virginia State Bar President Jon D. Huddleston will unveil his Virginia Is for the Good Lawyers project to national audiences next year.

His first presentation will be at the National Conference of Bar Presidents (NCBP) Midyear Meeting in February in Orlando, Florida. In March, he will describe the project in Chicago at the NCBP’s Bar Leadership Institute.

He will present the project’s video component, The Big Picture, which can be viewed on YouTube at and on the VSB website at The videos were produced in-house by VSB staff.

The videos and other components of Virginia Is for Good Lawyers tell the stories of Virginia citizen lawyers, who exemplify service to and leadership in their communities. Huddleston led the VSB to tell lawyers’ stories through new social media partly to convey a positive image of lawyers and partly to encourage all VSB members to aspire to become citizen lawyers.

Other elements of the project include the use of Twitter (, a president's blog (, and an essay project, Reflections (

At NCBP meetings, bar leaders present workshops about projects they have undertaken to promote their bars’ missions. For more information about NCBP and the meeting, see


Updated: Nov 24, 2009