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October 03, 2017

Fastcase Introduces Automatic Citation Linking for Legal Documents

Fastcase, which is free to VSB members, has recently introduced a new tool called Cloud Linking that automatically finds citations to judicial opinions in PDF or Microsoft Word documents and instantly creates hyperlinks to original sources, without affecting the document’s formatting.

Cloud Linking can take a pleading and automatically create hyperlinks to caselaw citations in the document. Cloud Linking can also create hyperlinks in an opposing party’s brief, allowing the cases cited to be quickly pulled.  Articles or client alerts that contain citations may easily be hyperlinked via Cloud Linking as well.

The hyperlinks go to a public version of the case, allowing even those without a Fastcase subscription to easily click links and read the cases in all Cloud Linked documents.

To use Cloud Linking, visit Options | Fastcase Cloud Linking in the classic version of Fastcase, or select Cloud Linking from the Fastcase 7 menu. 

All VSB members receive free membership to Fastcase, a legal research tool that is the most frequently used legal app according to the ABA, and that costs individual subscribers almost $1,000 per year.

Updated: Oct 03, 2017