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February 29, 2012

Fastcase Announces Mobile Sync Upgrade for iPhone and iPad

Fastcase, which the Virginia State Bar has offered on our homepage since 2006, has announced an important upgrade to its legal research apps.

Fastcase has launched Mobile Sync, which allows full integration of mobile apps with the desktop version of Fastcase. 

Fastcase Mobile Sync for the first time securely synchronizes a user’s favorite documents, favorite jurisdictions, and search history between apps (Fastcase for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch) and their desktop versions of Fastcase, such as bar association member benefits, individual subscriptions, law school subscriptions, or enterprise subscriptions.

In its release announcing the app, Fastcase said that mobile users can, for the first time, save a document on the go using the app, and print the document later from the desktop. Or, find winning cases on the desktop, save them to favorites, and access them seamlessly on an iPad. Or start work on the desktop, and finish it later from an iPhone.

Until now, the systems have been separate, so favorites and search history on the mobile devices stayed there, and the desktop history stayed on the desktop. With Fastcase Mobile Sync, research conducted on the road, from the iPad can now be accessed on the desktop account.


app sample image

 app sample image

Updated: Feb 29, 2012