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September 14, 2021

Notice: Lawyers Receive Emails from Impostor Account Posing as VSB

Update 9/16/21:

The VSB has been informed that the National Veterans Legal Services Program has mitigated the threat of imposter RFP emails. The phishing site the attackers used to obtain credentials was reported and has been shut down since September 14. Recipients of these emails are advised to delete the email to avoid harm to their network or credentials.

Two emails targeting lawyers have appeared in some inboxes this week, claiming to be from the Virginia State Bar. In one, the name of the sender is “” but the email is not from an official VSB account.

Lawyers and anyone who received these messages are advised not to interact with the email or click on any links in the email as it may contain malware, spyware, worms, or other damaging cyber security software.

In this latest spoofing, an email purports to be from the VSB Ethics Department and the subject line is “Ethics complaint filed.”

Complaints received by the Bar are confidential. We do not email press releases to people not directly involved with a complaint. The Supreme Court of Virginia has adopted rules requiring that the disciplinary process be confidential unless the lawyer receives public discipline (admonition, public reprimand, suspension or revocation) or a matter is scheduled on the VSB’s public hearing docket maintained by the Clerk of the Disciplinary System.

Read more about filing a misconduct complaint about a lawyer and the disciplinary process.

An additional phishing email purports to be from the VSB and the subject line is “National Veterans Legal Services Program  - RFP.” The email is not from an official VSB account.


orginally posted 9/14/21

Updated: Sep 16, 2021