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January 08, 2020

Get on the Ballot for Bar Council Elections

Bar Council, the Virginia State Bar’s governing body, will hold its annual elections by electronic ballot in April for terms beginning July 1. 

Virginia lawyers who wish to be on the ballot must be active members in good standing of their circuit as of March 15, 2020. 

Make sure your contact information is current in the Bar’s records before March 15 to ensure that you are eligible to run and to vote in your circuit – and that you receive the ballot.

In order to run, a lawyer must:

  • file a nominating petition sponsored by not fewer than ten other members eligible to vote in the circuit, (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, signature requirements have been waived. Now, an email indicating the sponsoring lawyer has agreed to sponsor a candidate will suffice.)
  • write a statement of qualifications not exceeding 150 words,* and
  • provide a digital headshot.**

File these three things with the executive director at on or before April 1, 2020

In the statement, describe what is it about your background that makes you well suited to the position and what you hope to accomplish as a member of bar council. View an example of what voters see here

Council members may serve two 3-year terms but must be re-elected to serve a 2nd term. The chart below shows which circuits have seats available for election.

Circuit 1

1 seat (incumbent is serving unexpired term and is eligible for 1st full term)

Circuit 2

2 seats (1 incumbent is eligible for 2nd term; 1 incumbent is not eligible for re-election)

Circuit 4

1 seat (incumbent is eligible for 2nd term)

Circuit 7

1 seat (incumbent is eligible for 2nd term)

Circuit 9

1 seat (incumbent is not eligible for re-election)

Circuit 11

1 seat (incumbent is not eligible for re-election)

Circuit 13

1 seat (incumbent is not seeking re-election)

Circuit 14

2 seats (both incumbents are eligible for 2nd term)

Circuit 15

1 seat (incumbent is not eligible for re-election)

Circuit 18

1 seat (incumbent is eligible for 2nd term)

Circuit 19

6 seats (3 incumbents are eligible for 2nd term, however one is not seeking re-election; 3 incumbents are not eligible for re-election)

Circuit 20

1 seat (incumbent is eligible for 2nd term)

Circuit 25

1 seat (incumbent is eligible for 2nd term)


The election by meeting normally conducted in the 10th circuit will now be held electronically due to COVID-19 safety protocols. There is one seat vacant as the incumbent has served two 3-year terms and is ineligible for re-election. 

Notice of this change will be emailed to 10th Circuit lawyers on March 24, 2020. 

 * Please do not send statements in pdf form. Use a text program like Word or write directly into the body of the email in a way that allows for easy copy and paste.

** Please do not send a headshot that is in-line or embedded in the email or statement. Rather, attach it to the email in JPEG/JPG/PNG format. The photo should preferably be just your head and shoulders.

Upated January 31 with information about the 10th Circuit meeting. 

Upated February 25 to correct the number of available seats for the 19th Circuit. 

Updated March 24 with information regarding the 10th Circuit election being electronic due to COVID-19.

Updated March 25 to confirm that signature requirements have been waived due to COVID-19, and that emails agreeing to sponsor a lawyer will suffice.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020