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April 30, 2018

Council Members Announced

The following persons have been elected to three-year terms on the Virginia State Bar Council.  Their terms begin July 1, 2018.

Results of Contested Council Elections Concluded April 27, 2018

13th Circuit (4 vacancies)
Dabney J. Carr IV
Leah A. Darron
Susheela Varky
Henry I. Willett III

14th Circuit (1 vacancy)
Stephanie E. Grana

17th Circuit (2 vacancies)
Jennifer S. Golden
William H. Miller

19th Circuit (6 vacancies)
Chidi I. James
Daniel B. Krisky
David L. Marks
Nathan J. Olson
Wayne G. Travell
Michael M. York

Uncontested Council election winners were as follows:

Circuit 4          Gary A. Bryant (incumbent)

Circuit 6          J. Daniel Vinson (elected by circuit meeting)

Circuit 8          Marqueta N. Tyson (incumbent)

Circuit 12        P. George Eliades

Circuit 16        R. Lee Livingston (incumbent)

Circuit 18        Barbara S. Anderson (incumbent) and John K. Zwerling

Circuit 21        G. Andrew Hall (Martinsville)

Circuit 23        Eugene M. Elliott Jr. (incumbent)

Circuit 28        William M. Moffet (incumbent)

Circuit 30       Gregory D. Edwards

Updated: Apr 30, 2018