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May 04, 2015

Council Members Announced

The following persons have been newly elected, reelected, or Court-appointed to three-year terms on the Virginia State Bar Council. The terms begin July 1, 2015.

Newly elected:

Gary A. Bryant of Norfolk, 4th Circuit

Marqueta N. Tyson of Hampton, 8th Circuit

Leah A. Darron of Richmond, 13th Circuit

Dabney J. Carr, IV of Richmond, 13th Circuit

Rhysa G. South of Henrico, 14th Circuit

R. Lee Livingston of Charlottesville, 16th Circuit

Rachelle E. Hill of Arlington, 17th Circuit

Timothy B. Beason of Arlington, 17th Circuit

Barbara S. Anderson of Alexandria, 18th Circuit

David L. Marks of Fairfax, 19th Circuit

Chidi I. James of Fairfax, 19th Circuit

William L. Schmidt of Fairfax, 19th Circuit

Eugene M. Elliott, Jr. of Roanoke, 23rd Circuit

William M. Moffet of Abingdon, 28th Circuit


Graham C. Daniels of Chester, 12th Circuit

Paula S. Beran of Richmond, 13th Circuit

George W. Marget, III of Richmond, 13th Circuit

Eric M. Page, of Richmond, 13th Circuit

Daniel L. Rosenthal of Richmond, 14th Circuit

Foster S. B. Friedman of Alexandria, 18th Circuit

Luis A. Perez-Pietri of Falls Church, 19th Circuit

William B. Porter of Fairfax, 19th Circuit

Melinda L. VanLowe of Fairfax, 19th Circuit

Joan Ziglar of Martinsville, 21st Circuit

William E. Bradshaw of Big Stone Gap, 30th Circuit

Newly appointed council members at-large:

Marni E. Byrum, Alexandria

Afshin Farashahi, Virginia Beach      

Reappointed council member at-large:

Lorrie A. Sinclair, Leesburg


The following persons will serve one-year terms on the council:

Conference representatives:

Jack W. Burtch, Jr. of Richmond, chair, Conference of Local Bar Associations

Providence E. Napoleon of Richmond, chair, Diversity Conference

Robert T. Vaughan, Jr. of Danville, chair, Senior Lawyers Conference

Nathan J. Olson of Fairfax, president, Young Lawyers Conference


Edward L. Weiner of Fairfax — president

Michael W. Robinson of Tysons Corner – president-elect

Kevin E. Martingayle of Virginia Beach — immediate past-president


Originally Posted: May 04, 2015

Updated: May 11, 2015