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June 18, 2012

Highlights of the June 14, 2012, Virginia State Bar Council Meeting

At its meeting on June 14, 2012, in Virginia Beach, the Virginia State Bar Council heard the following significant reports and took the following actions:


The council approved a $13.6 million budget for 2012–13. This is an increase of $793,000 over the 2011–12 operating budget. The budget includes a 3 percent bonus for VSB staff and an increase in funding for Lawyers Helping Lawyers.

Payee Notification

The Payee Notification Task Force’s recommendations will be presented to the VSB Council for a vote in October. The legislation would require insurers to notify claimants when they disburse settlement proceeds of $5,000 or more to claimants’ attorneys. The proposed statute is out for notice and comment. The task force also passed a measure encouraging the Clients Protection Fund and VSB Council to increase the current loss limits of $50,000 per individual client to at least $100,000 and to increase the current 10 percent of the net worth of fund limit per attorney to at least 15 percent.

Personnel matters

Robert L. “Scott” Prince and Anastasia K. Jones will join the Department of Professional Regulation as the newest assistant bar counsel. Prince has spent twenty years as a general practitioner focusing on criminal defense and domestic relations. Jones spent six years on a partnership track at an Orange County, California, law firm before relocating to Virginia. She has been a general practitioner since then focusing on criminal defense, domestic relations, estates, and small business.


The council unanimously approved a resolution honoring Kimberly Slayton White for her years of service to the VSB. The council also approved resolutions honoring George Warren Shanks for his years of service and his law firm for its support of Shanks during his years on the VSB Council.


Updated: Jun 18, 2012