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June 16, 2014

Highlights of the June 12, 2014, Virginia State Bar Council Meeting

At its meeting on June 12, 2014, in Virginia Beach, the Virginia State Bar Council heard the following significant reports and took the following actions:

Amendment to Rule 1.10

Council unanimously approved an amendment to Rule 1.10: Imputed Disqualification: General Rule. This proposed rule amendment is intended to avoid a situation in which a lawyer avoids the imputation of a conflict of interest by avoiding the knowledge that another lawyer in the firm has a conflict as to the representation.

Rule 5.8

By a vote of 64-1, council approved new Rule 5.8: Procedures for Lawyers Leaving Law Firms and Dissolution of Law Firm. The proposed rule codifies a number of the suggestions from LEOs on departing lawyers’ obligations into more concrete steps to follow.

Addition to VSB Bylaws

Council unanimously approved an addition to VSB and Council Bylaws, adding a new Part III regarding amendments: Upon motion of a council member, the bylaws contained in either Part I or Part II may be amended at any regular meeting of the bar council provided there has been at least thirty days' notice of the proposed amendment to all Virginia State Bar members. Amendment of the bylaws must be by a two-thirds vote of the council members present and voting at that regular meeting.


The council approved a $14.6 million budget for 2014-15.

Hiring freeze and spending reduction

Executive Director Karen A. Gould announced a freeze on hiring and implementation of a 5 percent reduction in spending for the fiscal year.

Updated: Jun 16, 2014