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February 25, 2013

Highlights of the February 23, 2013, Virginia State Bar Council Meeting

At its meeting on February 23, 2013, in Richmond, the Virginia State Bar Council heard the following significant reports and took the following actions:

Mediation Legislation
The council unanimously approved the Supreme Court of Virginia’s request for support for its proposed amendments to Va. Code Sections 8.01-576.10 and 8.01-581.22.

Clients’ Protection Fund
The council unanimously approved the proposed revisions to the Clients’ Protection Fund Rules of Procedure, after an amendment concerning dishonest conduct was approved by a vote of 51 to 13.

Diversity Conference
The motion for Diversity Conference to have a seat on the Executive Committee was tabled by a vote of 46 to 18 on a motion that the Diversity Conference first amend its bylaws to prevent a lay person from becoming chair of the conference.

Proposed Revisions to Va. Sup. Ct. Rule 3A:11
The council approved by a vote of 53 to 3 forwarding the amended report of the VSB’s Indigent Defense Task Force, concerning discovery and inspection, to the Supreme Court of Virginia. Comments received will also be forwarded to the Court.

Payee Notification
The payee notification legislation, previously approved by the council at its October 2012 meeting, was unanimously approved by the General Assembly and is awaiting the governor’s signature.

VSB Headquarters to Move
The bar’s executive director, Karen A. Gould, informed the council that the bar’s lease at 707 E. Main Street in Richmond would not be renewed when it expires on August 31, 2013, but that the lease would be extended into 2014 to give the bar time to find new space, modify it, and move.


Updated: Feb 28, 2013