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November 04, 2020

VSB Seeks Comments on Amendments to Paragraph 13 of Rules of Court

The VSB’s Standing Committee on Lawyer Discipline proposes making a number of changes to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13 to promote greater fairness, efficiency, consistency, and transparency in Bar proceedings.

The proposed revisions also include several housekeeping amendments creating or clarifying the meaning of certain terms and correcting outdated statutory references contained within Paragraph 13, adding an additional basis for the lifting of a license Suspension for noncompliance with a summons or subpoena, eliminating duplicative/erroneous language, and reorganizing certain provisions. 

Inspection and Comment

The proposed changes may be inspected here. Any individual, business, or other entity may file written comments in support of or in opposition to the proposed changes with Karen A. Gould, executive director of the Virginia State Bar, not later than December 7, 2020.  Comments may be submitted by mail to 1111 East Main Street, Suite 700, Richmond, Virginia 23219-0026 or by email to

Updated: Nov 24, 2020