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June 03, 2014

CLBA Honors Bar Associations

The following bar associations will receive awards from the Conference of Local Bar Associations during the Virginia State Bar Annual Meeting. The awards recognize projects that serve the bench, the bar, and the people of Virginia.

The CLBA makes information on winning projects available to other groups that want to consider similar programs. For information, contact Paulette J. Davidson at or (804) 775-0521.



For excellence in bar projects


First-time Awardees:


Newport News Bar Association

The association held its first “Jazz for Justice” event in March 2014, with proceeds going to the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia, Christopher Newport University’s music scholarship program, and the Virginia State Bar Diversity Conference. The event raised $9,000 for the beneficiaries.


The Prince William County Bar Association Inc.

The association collaborated with the Prince William County Public Library Adult Education Department to develop the Library Learning Series. The program offers monthly presentations on law-related topics led by volunteer members of the bar. The programs are open to the public and free.


Roanoke Bar Association

The association combined its yearly “You and the Law” event with a Senior Citizens Law Day program to create “You and the Law: Aging with Dignity.” Seminars included “Long Term Care,” “Paying for Long Term Care,” “Employing Caregivers,” “Gifts,” “Safeguarding Resources,” and “Medicare.”


Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys

The first annual two-day Deposition Workshop provided lawyers with skills needed to face down a bullying opponent, handle a lying deponent, pull the information needed out of a reticent deponent, ensure that what is discovered in depositions is admissible in court, use the latest technology to build a case, depose an expert witness, and handle a sympathetic or minor deponent.


Warren County Bar Inc.

The annual Shenandoah Valley Barrister’s Ball was started in 2009 to aid the Blue Ridge Legal Services. The bar association began sponsoring the ball after members noticed the BRLS was facing federal cuts and that colleagues were losing their jobs. The ball has helped save jobs and allowed Blue Ridge to continue to provide legal services to indigent clients. It has raised more than $5,000 a year.


Sustained Projects:


Metropolitan Richmond Women’s Bar Association

The association has published its “Understanding Your Domestic Relations Rights in Virginia” pamphlet for more than twenty years. The pamphlet is designed to help the public understand the general legal circumstances they may face in domestic relations problems. More than 15,000 are provided for free to courts and organizations each time it is updated.


Virginia Beach Bar Association

The Seatack Elementary School Mentoring Program was founded by Virginia Beach Circuit Court Judge Thomas S. Shadrick in 1999 to support third graders who live in a disadvantaged area of the city. The program is jointly sponsored by Judge Shadrick and the association and serves all sixty-six third graders at the school.



For high achievement in bar projects


Henrico County Bar Association

The association’s Rule of Law Program at Godwin High School involved three guest speakers, twenty attorney volunteers, fifteen law enforcement officials, the school administration and teachers. The program, presented by the Center for the Teaching of the Rule of Law, provides students with the chance to interact with members of the three branches of government as well as the legal profession.


The Prince William County Bar Association Inc.

After noting that many pro se litigants in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court lacked fundamental understanding of how the court works, where to file cases, what evidence to bring to court, how to behave, and how to present a case, the association developed a brochure titled “What You Need to Know about Prince William County Juvenile Court.” The association has distributed copies to clerk’s offices, probations desks, and intake offices.


The Prince William County Bar Association Inc.

The association receives is second certificate this year for publishing the brochure “Appearing in Court Without a Lawyer: A Guide for Pro Se Litigants.”


Roanoke Bar Association

The Peace of Mind Project matched association members who specialize in estate planning with first responders, using the attorney’s own forms and procedures with the object of providing free estate planning documents for those who put their lives on the line every day for citizens. When the facts allow, the first responder’s spouse’s plan is included at no charge.


Virginia Women Attorneys Association and Virginia State Bar Diversity Conference

The two organizations presented the panel discussion “Diversity and the Rule of Law: Complementary or Contradictory” at the Annual Meeting in 2013. The panelists spoke on affirmative actions in college admissions. 

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