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December 01, 2016

Alert: E-mail Scam Targeting Lawyers

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Update: As an enhancement to the confidentiality and efficiency of our disciplinary process, the Virginia State Bar recently began sending certain Intake Department correspondence regarding disciplinary matters by encrypted e-mail. If you receive an encrypted e-mail but are unsure of the e-mail’s validity regarding an inquiry, you may forward the e-mail to the Intake Department for verification.

Updated: Jan 27, 2017

An e-mail scam that uses false notifications of disciplinary actions has been targeting members of state bars around the country.

Several bars have reported that their members have received an e-mail claiming a grievance or complaint had been filed against the member and that they had a certain number of days to respond to the bar. The e-mail invites them to review the grievance or complaint by clicking a link.  DO NOT click on the link. The link loads a malicious software called ransomware that blocks computer access until a sum of money is paid.

Be aware that the Virginia State Bar does not insert a LINK to review a complaint on disciplinary notices sent via e-mail.

If you have a question about an e-mail you receive concerning a VSB disciplinary matter, contact the VSB’s Intake Office at: (804) 775-0540 or 0568.


Original post: Dec 01, 2016

Updated: Jan 27, 2017