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February 09, 2022

Supreme Court of Virginia to Resume In Person Oral Argument

On February 9, 2022, the Supreme Court of Virginia announced that effective March 1, 2022, the Court will resume in person oral argument.

The Court will require all non-employees entering the building to follow a number of safety protocols including temperature self-screening, masking and social distancing (sitting at least six feet apart), and notification to the Clerk of potential COVID-19 exposures within five days of presence in the Court Building.

During the session week, only two people may appear for argument on behalf of each litigant.

The Writ Panels scheduled for February 15, 2022, will be conducted telephonically while those scheduled for April 5, 2022, will be in person.

The Court's full letter may be read here.

Updated: Feb 09, 2022