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June 02, 2020

Lynchburg Bar Association Named 2020 Bar Association of the Year

The Virginia State Bar Conference of Local and Specialty Bar Associations has named the Lynchburg Bar Association the Bar Association of the Year.

The Lynchburg Bar Association (LBA), founded in 1915, carries out community outreach efforts and strives to promote the relationships between citizens and the law.

The LBA’s annually elected leadership includes: Eugene N. Butler, president; Peter Davies of Davies & Davies, president-elect; Sarah W. Bell of Woods Rogers, secretary; Grady W. Donaldson of Schenkel & Donaldson, treasurer; Jordan Davies, immediate past president.

President-Elect Davies nominated the LBA by highlighting the bar’s CLE programs and Professional Development Program. The program offers two hours of CLE, followed by networking opportunities for newer LBA members to mingle with the CLE presenters and the more established members of the bar.

The Lynchburg Bar Association coordinates a decade long community outreach program dedicated to teaching middle school students what the rule of law is and the importance of law in society. The program is called the Rule of Law project and is designed to move towards beginning the So, You’re 18 program from the VSB.

Pro bono work is central to the mission of the LBA, and the close partnership the bar association has with the Virginia Legal Aid Society. The LBA has created the Conflicts Panel, a group of attorneys willing to speak to someone who has approached VLAS but, due to a conflict, VLAS cannot help the prospective client.

Additionally, the members have worked with Liberty University School of Law to encourage law students to begin pro bono work. The LBA offers a mentorship program for newly admitted attorneys in which an established attorney assists a new attorney with a pro bono job.

Furthermore, the VLAS and LBA have jointly presented the annual Pro Bono Award for 30 years to a worthy attorney or firm who has made an exemplary effort to expand legal services to the poor.

The CLSBA will present the 2020 Bar Association of the Year Award at the Lynchburg Bar Association’s next in-person meeting in December 2020.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020