Membership Department

The Membership Department administers the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia for Organization and Government of the Virginia State Bar (Part 6, Section IV) pertaining to membership, registration and annual compliance requirements for all attorneys licensed by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners or admitted by the Supreme Court of Virginia. The department maintains the official records for all licensed Virginia attorneys, Virginia Corporate Counsel, Corporate Counsel Registrants, Foreign Legal Consultants, Military Legal Assistance Attorneys, professional entities, as well as attorneys registered pursuant to Chapter 27.3, Title 55 of the Code of Virginia, formerly known as Consumer Real Estate Settlement Protection Act (CRESPA). The department responds to inquiries regarding an attorney status, public discipline, address of record, suspensions and reinstatements, attorney real estate settlement agent registration (formerly known as CRESPA), and professional entity registration.

The department manages the annual dues billing and permanent bar cards for all licensed attorneys, Virginia Corporate Counsel, Corporate Counsel Registrants and Foreign Legal Consultants. The department also manages the suspension and reinstatement of those attorneys who have not complied with their dues, professional liability certification, Clients' Protection Fund obligation/fee; Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), and Professionalism Course responsibilities, as well as those attorneys returning from a disciplinary suspension. The department also issues third-year practice certificates and certificates of good standing for members waiving into other jurisdictions and/or being admitted to the courts of the Commonwealth.

In partnership with the Young Lawyers Conference (YLC), the department conducts the Admission and Orientation ceremony twice yearly for newly licensed attorneys. It also works with the Supreme Court of Virginia regarding reciprocity and Virginia Corporate Counsel admissions which occur periodically through out the year. The department assists the YLC and General Practice Section in presenting the First Day in Practice Seminar which is held once a year on the day following the fall admission’s ceremony.

Contact information: (804) 775-0530, or see General Staff Functions.

Updated: Mar 13, 2012