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Award for Excellence in Wellness and Well-Being in the Legal Profession

Virginia Bar Association Receives 2022 Lawyer Wellness Award

The Virginia State Bar President’s Special Committee on Lawyer Well-Being seeks to recognize and honor Virginia lawyers, retired judges, bar associations, law firms, corporate law departments, government law departments and agencies, law schools, or other legal services organizations that have made a commitment to wellness and well-being in the legal profession.  As such, the Committee announces a new award, to be given annually, titled “The Award for Excellence in Wellness and Well-Being in the Legal Profession.”  

Criteria and instructions for submitting nominations can be found here.

A Healthy Lawyer is a Better Lawyer.

Attorneys are exposed to a variety of stresses in their profession, which can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. Perhaps not surprisingly, lawyers have been shown to abuse substances and suffer mental health issues at higher rates than other professionals. 

The bar hopes this page will be a resource for information on staying healthy – in your practice and out.  

The Virginia Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program

Formerly Lawyers Helping Lawyers, this organization provides free, confidential, non-disciplinary help to Virginia's legal professionals and their families struggling with substance abuse, addiction, depression, stress and anxiety, and other mental health issues. 24-Hour Help Line: 1-877-545-4682 

Well-Being PATH During COVID

"The Occupational Risks of the Practice of Law"

This May 2019 report by VSB President Leonard C. Heath Jr.'s Special Committee on Lawyer Well-Being identifies specific aspects or characteristics of the practice of law that might serve as a risk to a lawyer’s well-being. The report also includes an extensive bibliography with further sourcing. 

June 2022 Update to "The Occupational Risks of the Practice of Law"

This 2022 Report is designed to supplement the 2019 Report. Accordingly, this Report includes updated discussion and matrix entries for these three previously identified occupational risks.

VSB Special Committee on Lawyer Well-Being: Report on the Statewide Survey of Virginia Wellness Initiatives

VSB Special Committee on Lawyer Well-Being: Report on the National Survey of Wellness Initiatives

"The Path to Lawyer Well-Being"

In August 2017, Supreme Court of Virginia Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons was one of 15 authors of a report, “The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change.” And in September 2017, Chief Justice Lemons announced plans to form a committee in Virginia to find ways to enhance lawyer well-being. Supreme Court Justice William C. Mims, who has written on the topic for Virginia Lawyer magazine, chairs the committee.

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Updated: Jun 16, 2022