Calendar of Compliance Deadlines

Pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Organization and Government for the Virginia State Bar (Part Six, Section IV, Paragraphs 11, 13.1, 13.2, 16, 17, 18 and 19), attorneys must comply annually with the following deadlines in order to remain members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar.






Mid June


Annual Dues Statements Mailed


July 31
(Membership Compliance Deadline)


  1. Annual Dues Payment (Paragraph 11)
  2. Clients’ Protection Fund (CPF) Fee (Paragraph 16)
  3. Attorney Wellness Fund Fee (Paragraph 23)
  4. Professional Liability Certification (Paragraph 18)

Early August


Past Due Annual Dues Notices Mailed

Delinquency fees accrue for non compliance by July 31 with each of the four Rules of Court, above ($50 each)

Early October
(60 days from Past Due Notice)



Administrative Suspensions for failure to pay annual dues, Wellness fee, CPF fee and/or certify professional liability insurance (Paragraph 19);

Reinstatement fees accrue for each Rule of Court suspension ($150, each)

October 31
(MCLE Completion Deadline)



Active members must complete the annual MCLE requirement (Paragraph 17 (C) & 13.2)

Non-compliance fee accrues for Active members who have not completed the minimum number of required hours ($100)

December 15
(MCLE Compliance Deadline)



Active members must certify attendance at MCLE courses for the cycle ending the previous October 31 and/or compliance with MCLE requirement. (Paragraphs 17 (D) and 13.2

Late filing fee accrues for Active members who do not comply with this certification requirement ($100)

Early January


Notice of Impending MCLE Suspension Mailed (Paragraph 19)


February 1



Late filing fee increases for Active members who have not complied with the certification requirement by this date (additional $100)

Early March
(60 days from January Notice)



Administrative Suspension of Active members for failure to complete the MCLE requirement and/or certify attendance (Paragraph 13.2 and 19)

Reinstatement fees accrue ($250; and increase by $50 for each subsequent suspension, not to exceed $500)

Within 12 months of becoming an Active member of the Virginia State Bar
(by bar exam, reciprocity and/or status change)

Professionalism Course

One time requirement dependent on member’s date of becoming an Active member.

Attendance at the mandatory Harry L. Carrico Professionalism Course (Paragraph 13.1)

Updated: Jun 11, 2019