Certifying Your MCLE Attendance

Active lawyers are mailed an MCLE Form 1 End of Year Report in mid-November, and any MCLE hours missing from the report must be reported by December 15. The easiest way is to certify your attendance online with the required information. You can also use the end-of-year report you are mailed (or the online Form 1) to report MCLE courses that cannot be reported online. Email and FAX are not accepted beginning November 2 until December 21 for Form 1. You must MAIL your Form 1 with any amendments and certification forms.

Certifying your MCLE Attendance

The Regulatory Compliance Department maintains a record of all certifications of attendance and teaching at approved MCLE courses. Acceptable means of certifying your attendance and cautionary advice are provided below.

This online certification of attendance function may be used for those courses where you have received from the course sponsor a certification of attendance form which includes the Virginia course ID number. Please keep a copy of all forms for two years. You do not need to mail a duplicate copy to the VSB.

You may NOT use online certification for the following:

  • Certification forms provided by sponsors that do not include Virginia specific approval information or course ID#.
  • ABA Programs – Please mark the sessions attended on the ABA certification of attendance and submit to the MCLE office for processing.
  • Certifications of Attendance for in-house Video/DVD or Audio/CD programs
  • Certifications of Teaching 
  • Courses with limited partial approval or which require a special form.

CAUTION: Sessions without written instructional materials to cover the topic or which do not deal with legal topics (ex: marketing, personal/professional development issues, law firm business, etc.) are not approvable for CLE credit and should not be claimed. All distance learning programs require a certification of attendance provided by the course sponsor that includes the Virginia Course ID#.

2. EMAIL to MyMCLE@vsb.org
This is a designated email address for certifications of attendance or teaching ONLY that you are unable to certify to online. 

Do not use this email address after October 31. 

CAUTION: If you send any email to us and do not get a response to that email within 10 business days, you should contact us to see that the transmission was received.

Regulatory Compliance Department - MCLE
Virginia State Bar
1111 E. Main Street, Ste 700
Richmond, Virginia 23219-0026

CAUTION: Be sure to allow sufficient lead time or use an express mail service when meeting the MCLE deadlines. Be sure to check your online record to insure receipt and proper posting of your submission.

4. Course sponsors
Course sponsors may collect your completed/signed certification of attendance and forward it to the MCLE Department. We do not accept attendance lists from the sponsor as certification. Providers of online programs do not report attendance to this office. You must certify your attendance indicating the number of hours attended.

CAUTION: Sponsors may not be aware of your MCLE deadlines. You may want to keep and report your attendance online or send in your certification if you have a deadline approaching to insure timely receipt by the MCLE Department.

Frequently Asked Questions about Certifying your MCLE Attendance


If you do not receive a Virginia Certification of Attendance please check with the sponsor to confirm Virginia MCLE approval and get a certification of attendance that includes the Virginia Course ID #. If the sponsor cannot supply this information consider the course not approved. If the course has not been approved you may apply for credit individually by completing the Application for Course Approval, Form 4 (PDF file). Applications must be mailed with required attachments.


First make sure that the course you have selected has been approved in Virginia. We are not responsible for the content of the web information provided by course sponsors. If you choose a course for ethics credit, be sure to check for Virginia ethics approval. See Opinion 16 for the approval standards for distance learning programs.

Virginia approved courses provided by Distance Learning Presentation Formats (pre-recorded online, live teleconference/webcast, CD-rom and etc.) may only be credited with the SPONSOR PROVIDED certification of attendance which verifies completion of the program and provides the Virginia course approval ID#. The form also requires that you certify your attendance.

CAUTION: You must follow the procedures required by the sponsor in order to receive credit. Some sponsors (ABA, ALI-ABA and PLI for example) may not provide the certification of attendance immediately following the program. You should consider this when selecting distance learning courses near a compliance deadline. ALSO, when planning to meet your compliance deadline please consider allowing sufficient time to avoid any unforeseen technical difficulties that may arise. The MCLE Board will not consider technical difficulties or sponsor delays as sufficient cause to grant exceptions to the compliance requirements.


The maximum carryover is 12.0 CLE hours of which 2.0 may be ethics, 4.0 hours may be applied to the minimum live, interactive requirement. You may carry over ethics hours only if you have an equal or greater number of CLE hours eligible for carryover. Example: 12.0 CLE including 4.0 Ethics = zero carryover CLE or ETHICS, 12.5 CLE including 5.0 Ethics = .5 CLE including .5 ethics eligible carryover. 

QUESTIONS? Contact the MCLE Department at (804) 775-0577 or MCLE@vsb.org.


Updated: Oct 14, 2022