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Lawyers are permitted to practice during Stay-at-Home order. Governor Northam’s EO-53 and EO-55 provide that businesses offering professional services (including law firms/lawyers) may remain open, but should utilize teleworking as much as possible. Read more.

The Virginia State Bar can help you access a lawyer’s information, search their disciplinary records, and find a lawyer that’s right for you.

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For just $35, the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service will help you find a lawyer with an up to 30-minute consultation to help you determine your next steps.

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Use the links below to determine a lawyer’s standing, verify their malpractice insurance, or file a complaint.

Record of Disciplined Attorneys

Attorneys without Malpractice Insurance

Attorneys Not in Good Standing

File a Complaint about a Lawyer

Public Disciplinary Hearings


Search our database of active Virginia State Bar members to find their most current contact information.

Public Resources & Services

The VSB continues to provide essential services to Virginia’s lawyers and the public. However, we have taken steps to keep the health and safety of our members, employees, and the general public at the forefront of our actions during this rapidly changing situation. Accordingly, many in-person services will be reduced or suspended. The VSB office at 1111 E. Main Street is closed to visitors. If you need to reach a staff person, please send an email or call the appropriate contact person.

We strongly urge the use of electronic communication to assist us in providing services to protect the public. Read more. In order to ensure prompt receipt and review of complaints the Virginia State Bar encourages the public to submit bar complaints online.

As part of our mission, we provide residents of Virginia access to legal resources, such as legal aid, financial recovery due to dishonest lawyer conduct, and educational materials.

Protection Fund

The Clients’ Protection Fund reimburses persons who suffer a financial loss because of dishonest conduct by a Virginia lawyer whose license has been suspended or revoked. The Fund is a remedy of last resort for those who cannot obtain reimbursement from other sources.


Work with a certified mediator or arbitrator to resolve a billing disagreement with your attorney.

Free and Low-cost
Legal Resources

Direct access to free legal answers, veteran’s resources, and legal aid programs for low-income Virginians.

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Find resources and get answers to the fundamental legal concerns surrounding a variety of topics in the commonwealth.

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