Meetings and Events

VSB Special Committee on the Future of Law Practice

Mon, September 17, 2018

Time:  10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Location:  Virginia State Bar – East Conference Room, 1111 East Main Street, Ste. 700, Richmond, VA  23219


I. Vote on Policy on Participation Pursuant to VA Code § 2.2-3708.1, if applicable 

II. Approval of June 7, 2018 Minutes

III. Introductions and Welcome:  

  • Karl Anthony Doss
  • Teirra Millrene Everette
  • Lisa Marie Lorish
  • Jonathan Gallo

IV. Speaker:  Chris Newbold (10:30 a.m./Live)

V. Assign New Members to Subcommittees

VI. Suggested Speakers for Upcoming Meetings

  1. Tony Lai – CEO and Co-Founder of
  2. Marc Lauritsen
  3. Providence Napoleon
  4. Erin Gerstenzang (Data-Driven Analytics)
  5. Brandon Koeller (Microsoft)
  6. Others?

VII. Discussion of Report

VIII. Discussion topics

  1. AVVO discontinued (Sharon Nelson)
    1. AVVO letter to the NC Bar: “Committee Inquiry re AVVO and the Unauthorized Practice of Law”
    2. ABA Journal: “Avvo’s fixed-cost service to be discontinued by Internet Brands"
  2. VA Lawyer Article on Bitcoin (VACDL Members) and the “Nebraska Rule” (J. McCauley)

IX. Recent Developments

  1. Big Four Accounting Firms Move into Global Legal Services Market (J. McCauley)
  2. Slaw_Electronic Wills- Update (S. Nelson)
  3. Counterpoint_No, Lawyers Should Not Learn to Code – Eddie Hartman – Medium (D. Neumeyer)
  4. Subtech (D. Neumeyer)
  5. Subtech 2018 conference notes (D. Neumeyer)
  6. SubTech 2018 Draft Agenda 2018-07-10 AA (D. Neumeyer)
  7. Utah Courts Begin Unique ODR Pilot for Small Claims Cases Tomorrow (S. Nelson)
  8. New Jersey Supreme Court Won’t Take Up Avvo Ethics Case_Legaltech News (S. Nelson)
  9. Ghostwriting Controversy_Is there an ethical problem with attorneys drafting for pro se clients (K. Martingayle)
  10. Launching Soon_’Text A Lawyer’ Aims To Be The Uber Of Legal Help _ LawSites 6-20-2018 (K. Gould)
  11. 6-26-2018 On-Demand Legal Providers Want to Put State Battles Behind Them _ Legaltech News (S. Nelson)
  12. LegalZoom Zooms Into $500 Million Secondary Investment _ LawSites (J. McCauley)
  13. State Bar Study of Online Delivery of Legal Services – Discussion of Preliminary Landscape Analysis (J. McCauley)
  14. Utah Nears Licensing of Paralegals to Practice Law in Limited Circumstances (S. Nelson)
  15. LAWCLERK, Where Firms Can Hire Freelance Lawyers, Now Integrates With Clio (S. Nelson)
  16. Troubled ‘Tech-Enabled’ Law Firm Names Ethics Prof As Independent Monitor (S. Nelson)
  17. Leaders in Blockchain, Law and Legal Technology Team Up to Launch the Agreements Network (S. Nelson)
  18. Law firms, tech companies partner to build new blockchain-based platform for smart contracts (S. Nelson)
  19. Ernst & Young buys Riverview Law to expand its managed legal services business (S. Nelson)
  20. Do’s and Don’ts for Surviving Social Media (J. McCauley)
  21. Confused About Blockchains_Here’s What You Need to Know (D. Neumeyer)
  22. Is It Ethical for Lawyers to Accept Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies? (J. McCauley)
  23. Avvo Shuts Down its Legal Services Product in Wake of Ethics Opinions Warning Attorneys Not to Participate (J. McCauley)
  24. LawNext Episode 9_Bill Henderson on Changing the Non-Lawyer Ownership Rules (S. Nelson)
  25. ABA releases new report on access to justice commissions in the US (S. Nelson)
    1. Report (A2J Commissions: Increasing Effectiveness Through Adequate Staffing and Funding)
  26. Blockchain Hustler beats the house with smart contract hack (S. Nelson)

X.  Article Assignments for February, April and June, 2019

XI.  Adjournment



Currently none.

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