Meetings and Events

VSB Committee on Lawyer Discipline (COLD) Meeting

Wed, March 06, 2019

VSB offices, 1111 East Main St., Ste. 700, Richmond, VA 23219
11:00 am 


I.          Call to Order

II.        Approval of Minutes of the COLD meeting of January 9, 2019

III.       Chair’s Report - David J. Gogal, Chair

IV.       State of the Disciplinary System

A.        Bar Counsel Report – Renu M. Brennan, Bar Counsel
B.        Status of Cases Awaiting Certification to Disciplinary Board – Renu M. Brennan, Bar Counsel
C.        Intake Report – James C. Bodie, Intake Counsel
D.        Disciplinary Board Report – Sandra L. Havrilak, Disciplinary Board 1st Vice Chair
E.         Liaisons' Reports – COLD members

V.        Rules Subcommittee Report – David J. Gogal, COLD Chair

A.         Comment to proposed revisions to Paragraph 13                        

VI.       Oversight Subcommittee Report – Beverly P. Leatherbury, Subcommittee Chair

VII.     Old Business

A.         39th Annual Disciplinary Conference – July 25-26, 2019 – Kathryn R. Montgomery, Deputy Bar Counsel

VIII.                New Business

IX.       Comments of Executive Director – Karen A. Gould, Executive Director

X.        Announcement of Next Meeting (May 1, 2019) and Adjournment

Updated: Feb 27, 2019