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Committee on Lawyer Discipline (COLD) meetings

Wed, November 06, 2019
Additional Info full committee agenda (pdf)

VSB offices, 1111 E. Main St. Suite 700, Richmond, VA 23219

Rules Subcommittee: 10 am
Full Committee: 11 am
Oversight Subcommitte: 12:15 pm

full committe conference call-in information:
Conference Call-in number: 1-866-845-1266
Conference Code: 127-43-207


Full Committee

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of the COLD meeting of September 4, 2019

III. Chair’s Report – James W. Hundley, Chair

IV. State of the Disciplinary System

  1. Bar Counsel Report – Renu M. Brennan, Bar Counsel
    1. Status of Cases Awaiting Certification to Disciplinary Board
    2. District Committee Docket Review Reports
  2. Intake Report – James C. Bodie, Intake Counsel
  3. Disciplinary Board Report – Michael A. Beverly, Disciplinary Board 1st Vice Chair

V. Rules Subcommittee Report – Peter A. Dingman, Subcommittee Chair

  1. Succession Planning for Lawyers
  2. 13-29 Proposed Revision

VI. Oversight Subcommittee Report – Elsey Allen Harris III, Subcommittee Chair

  1. Approval of Oversight Committee Policy of Review of Files dated August 29, 2019

VII. Old Business

  1. 40th Annual Disciplinary Conference – July 9-10, 2020 - Ed Dillon, Senior Assistant Bar Counsel

VIII. New Business

  1. COLD Liaison Report form for monthly COLD Calls – Renu M. Brennan
  2. Approval and implementation of Paragraph 13 revisions – Renu M. Brennan and M. Brent Saunders

IX. Comments of Executive Director – Cameron M. Rountree, Deputy Executive Director

X. Announcement of Next Meeting (January 8, 2020) and Adjournment

Updated: Oct 31, 2019