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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

Professional Development Series

Professional Development ConferenceThe Professional Development Series is a weekly podcast series devoted to our newly sworn in attorneys and young lawyers.  The PDS will present programs bringing basic skills training, introducing the business of the law, educating on mental health issues, and showcasing long term career options. Programs will come from a variety of sources locally and from around the country.  If you are interested in contributing content, contact Chris Fortier at


International Careers in Law


An international career in the law sounds glamorous and alluring but what do practitioners in the law who travel do and how do they get there? Join five prominent young lawyers who travel the world and serve as leaders in their countries. Learn about their lives and receive tips on how to broaden your practice to reach the world.


Interview with Jad-Patrick Barsoum (5:47)


Interview with Annalisa Checchi (8:03)


Interview with Elmari Mamishov (6:26)


Interview with Gacia Kazandjian (4:48)


Interview with Pierre-Luc Beauchesne (6:36)


Interviewer: Chris Fortier, Chair of ABA YLD Career Development Initiative 2011-2012, Chair of VSB YLC Professional Development Series 2013


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