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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

Professional Development Series

These programs aim to assist you in planning your career from making long term plans to how to adapt and behave in a professional setting. Receive advice from successful young lawyers and seasoned practitoners that will set the building blocks to a fulfilling career. If you are interested in contributing content, contact Chris Fortier at


Family Law


The practice of family law is much more than knowing the law, knowing the courts, and knowing the proper calculations. This session presents the major soft skills you need to practice in this area of law. Join a seasoned lawyer and learn the major aspects of this practice that young lawyers may miss when starting out in this area of law. From the First Day in Practice Seminar, March 1, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia.




Faculty: Michael Ewing, Esq. Batzli, Wood, and Stiles, Richmond




2:05 - Perspective of Family/Divorce Lawyer - What to Expect with Clients


6:30 - Family Fight/Spouse Perspective- What Clients May Think About


12:39 - Practicing Family Law in the Profession (Your Life in Family Law)


14:55 - Treatment of Clients and Others


16:35 - Initial Client Interview


18:15 - When in Court (What is the Client Thinking?)


19:20 - Identifying the Client's Goal/Managing Client Expectations


21:00 - Careful with Arguments in Court/Reputation


22:28 - Emotional Attachment with the Case/Having Perspective


28:20 - Be Reasonable with the Billing/Timekeeping


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