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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

Professional Development Series

These programs aim to assist you in planning your career from making long term plans to how to adapt and behave in a professional setting. Receive advice from successful young lawyers and seasoned practitoners that will set the building blocks to a fulfilling career. If you are interested in contributing content, contact Chris Fortier at


Personal Injury Law


The work of a personal injury lawyer can sound intimidating but do you know what it consists of? This relevant, timely, and informative program details the basics of personal injury practice, including an overview of the players in your case, the steps the case will go through, and how to proceed your case through the process. From the First Day in Practice Seminar, March 1, 2013.



Faculty: Elliott Buckner, Esq. , Cantor Stoneburner Ford Grana Buckner, Richmond




2:00 – Presenter’s Story


6:00 - The Feeling from the Plaintiff's Side


7:08 - Know Your Opponent - The Insurance Company


9:43 - Know Your Case, Know Yourself, and the Intake Process


14:02 - Dealing with the Business Side of the Practice/Investigations


17:42 - Top 10 Tasks for Investigations


24:45 - Document Retention and Destruction Best Practices


26:58 - Court Reporters and Third Parties


28:21 - Pre-Litigation Settlement


31:19 - Trial Considerations


34:47 - Obtaining Coverage Information from Insurer


36:47 - Preparing for Discovery


38:25 - Test Juries


40:25 - Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration/Mediation)


42:50 - Post-Trial, Post-Settlement Must-Do's


48:17 - Force Multipliers - Associate Counsels


49:54 - Final Advice from the Presenter/Personal Tips


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