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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

Professional Development Series

These programs aim to assist you in planning your career from making long term plans to how to adapt and behave in a professional setting. Receive advice from successful young lawyers and seasoned practitoners that will set the building blocks to a fulfilling career. If you are interested in contributing content, contact Chris Fortier at


Getting the Most Out of Your First Job


You have accepted your first job but you cannot stop there. A career is a series of jobs, volunteer experiences, friendships, and reputations. Learn the intricacies of succeeding at your first job including your workplace behavior, work product, and networking success strategies. Join this panel of successful young lawyers and begin to create at the path to success. From the ABA YLD Bootcamp Series, recorded December 2010. This program lasts 52 minutes.



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Moderator: Keri Ann Baker, West Palm Beach, FL, Lewis Longman Walker


Adrian Felix, Carlton Fields, Miami, FL
Andrew Schpak, Barron Liebmann, Portland, OR
Sarah Sharp Theophilus, Department of Veterans Affairs, Sioux Falls, SD*
Michael O. Walker, USCG JAG, Norfolk, VA*


*All views indicated in this broadcasts are those of the participants and are not endorsed by any of the Federal agencies named here or the United States Government as a whole.


First contact with supervisors 4:00 (JAG 4:00, Law Firm 6:00, Govt 7:05)
Receiving assignments 8:20
Final Products 11:30
Feedback 15:20
Following Up on No Feedback 19:45
Work/Life Balance Meeting Billables 22:51
Setting Boundaries 26:25
Building Relationships with Court Staff 28:30
Marketing At Your Employer 31:43
Financial Considerations of Your Work 33:54
Marketing Outside Firm 38:33
What to do when you hate your job 43:35
Final Advice 47:30

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