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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

Professional Development Series

These programs aim to assist you in planning your career from making long term plans to how to adapt and behave in a professional setting. Receive advice from successful young lawyers and seasoned practitoners that will set the building blocks to a fulfilling career. If you are interested in contributing content, contact Chris Fortier at


Exceptional Oral Presentations


While lawyers may make their biggest impressions with opening and closing statements at trial, lawyers can make impressions through their speeches with groups of prospective clients, community leaders, decision-making bodies, and other important people. Learn tips and tricks to improve your public speaking abilities and improve your presentation skills. From the Professional Development Conference in Washington, DC, September 23, 2012. This presentation lasts 51 minutes.



Faculty: Alec Farr, Bryan Cave, Washington, DC


3:55 – Giving a Roadmap
8:00 – Three C’s of Presentations
10:00 – Three V’s of Presentations/Aristotle’s Rules
14:23 – Audience/Persuasive Speech Techniques
19:50 – Opening Statements
24:46 – Preparing the Opening Statement
28:22 – Being Yourself
33:00 – Other Basics for Opening Statement
35:10 – Closing Argument
42:18 – Common Mistakes


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