Virginia State Bar

An agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia

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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

YLC History

The Young Lawyers Conference was founded in 1973. The YLC could not operate without the assistance of its staff, volunteers, program chairs, circuit/district representatives, and its Board of Governors over the many years. Thank you for your involvement and membership with us! Read more about the history of the YLC.

Presidents of the YLC

Karen Kincannon Wilbanks 1973-1975

J. Marshall Coleman 1975-1976


Francis A. McDermott 1976-1977


Hon. Diane McQuade Strickland 1977-1978

William K. Slate, II 1978-1979

Frank W. Morrison 1979-1980

Wellford L. Sanders, Jr. 1980-1981

M. Bruce Wallinger 1981-1982

Waller T. Dudley 1982-1983

Robert J. Grey, Jr. 1983-1984

Penelope W. Kyle 1984-1985

R. Edwin Burnette 1985-1986

Lewis F. Powell, III 1986-1987

Jane W. Sellers 1987-1988

Walter D. Kelley, Jr. 1988-1989

T. Daniel Frith, III 1989-1990

Arnold R. Henderson 1990-1991

Peter D. Eliades 1991-1992

C. J. Steuart Thomas, III 1992-1993

James A. Hoffman, II 1993-1994

Sharon Maitland Moon 1994-1995

Robert S. Ballou 1995-1996

John E. Holleran 1996-1997

C. Shireen Kirk 1997-1998

Julie D. McClellan 1998-1999

J. Tracy Walker, IV 1999-2000

Tracy Giles 2000-2001

O’Kelly E. McWilliams, III 2001-2002

Lori Elliott Jarvis, 2002-2003

Kathleen M. Ulston, 2003-2004

Savelle C. Sims, 2004-2005

James F. Robertson, Jr. 2005-2006

Maya M. Eckstein, 2006-2007

Daniel L. Gray, 2007-2008

Jennifer L. McClellan, 2008-2009

Lesley Pate Marlin, 2009-2010

Carson H. Sullivan, 2010-2011

Christy E. Kiely, 2011-2012

Brian R. Charville, 2012-2013

Kenneth L. Alger, 2013-2014

Maureen E. Danker, 2014-2015

Nathan J. Olson, 2015-2016

Dean E. Lhospital, 2016-2017

Christopher R. Fortier, 2017-2018


Brian T. Wesley, 2018-2019