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Putting it in writing

Lawyers reflect on their profession, their communities, their passions, and much more in our essay project.

By Jon D. Huddleston, August 18, 2009

As lawyers, we know the importance of "putting it in writing." The act of writing does more for a subject than giving it legal implications, however. When we choose to identify a subject, give it importance, really consider it, form tangible thoughts about it, and, finally, edit those thoughts in anticipation of others' reading it, it gives shape to our abstract thoughts and importance to our choices. The act of communicating our thought for others solidifies them for us, and it can be a transformative process, as those who write briefs, pleadings, and motions well know.

Our essay project, Reflections, is off to a good start. I have invited a number of Virginia Lawyers to submit essays about the law, the profession, their passions, a key event or something that drives or moves them. It is by no means limited to "My life as a Lawyer" although that is an endlessly fascinating topic in its own right. If you have not had the opportunity, please take a moment to look at some "Reflections" by Virginia Lawyers. We have some interesting offerings by Senior Lawyers J. B. Burtch, Frank Brown and George Shanks as well as a terrific essay by Judge Pamela Brooks of Leesburg on the importance of youth sports. Please take a look at these and the other fine "reflections" at

If you are interested in writing an essay on your reflections, please contact us at

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