Trusts and Estates

Jennifer E. Shirkey, Chair  



The Trusts and Estates Section had 1,694 members as of July 2015, and 1,892 members as of June 2016.


The budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 was $14,216.  The budget proposed for 2016-2017 is $14,424.

34th Annual Trusts and Estates Seminar

In October, the Trusts and Estates Section co-sponsored the 34th Annual Trusts and Estates Seminar with Virginia CLE.  In addition to the usual surveys of Federal and Virginia law developments and ethics, topics included recent tax developments, evolving concept of marriage in Virginia, modifying trusts under the UTC, and asset protection trusts.

Showcase CLE Program Proposal

Also in October, the Trusts and Estates Section joined with the Business Law, Health, and Taxation Sections in proposing a Showcase CLE program regarding the Affordable Care Act for the Annual Meeting to be held in June 2016. However, program slots were limited, and the meeting’s planning committee did not select the proposal for presentation.

Member Communications

The Trusts and Estates Section published two newsletters, one in the fall of 2015 and another in the spring of 2016.  Each edition included several articles on trust and estates topics and was distributed to all members of the section by e-mail.  Lauren A. Jenkins was the newsletter editor, and Jennifer L. Schooley was the assistant newsletter editor.

Special Activities

The section co-sponsored “Advance Medical Directives and Pro Bono” webinar. Approximately 82 attorneys attended the webinar, agreeing to either accept pro bono referrals to draft an AMD or financially contribute to a pro bono legal services organization in exchange for the free webinar.

Board Elections

At the 2016 Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach, the Section’s membership elected the following board members for a first term:

  • Carter Brothers – Central and Western Virginia (term expiring 2019)
  • Cary Cucinelli – Northern Virginia (term expiring 2019)
  • Rachel Radspinner – Tidewater (term expiring 2019)

The following board members were re-elected for a second term:

  • Jennifer L. Moccia – Tidewater (term expiring 2018)
  • C. Daniel Vaughn – Northern Virginia (three-year term expiring 2019)


At the 2016 Annual Meeting [By unaminous written consent in June 2016], the Board elected  the following officers to serve for 2016-17:

  • Jennifer L. Moccia – Chair
  • C. Daniel Vaughan – Vice Chair
  • Lauren A. Jenkins – Secretary
  • Jennifer L. Schooley – Newsletter Editor
  • Carter Brothers – Assistant Newsletter Editor

Jennifer E. Shirkey is immediate past chair.

Updated: Aug 02, 2016