Trusts and Estates Section

John T. Midgett, immediate past chair

In fiscal 2009-10, the Trusts and Estates Section implemented a Law Student Writing Competition, open to part- or full-time students attending a Virginia law school. Despite valiant efforts by the newsletter editor and assistant editor, no student submissions were made.

The Trusts & Estates Newsletter was published in both fall 2008 and spring 2009. Articles included “Probate Administration in Virginia” by Lauren A. Jenkins; “Inheriting an IRA: An Overview of the Distribution Rules for IRA Accounts” by Pamela Buskirk; “Skirmish in Session: Revising the Definition of Slayer in Virginia’s Slayer Statute” by Katie Wallmeyer Payne, the winner of our Student Writing Competition in June 2008, “Repeal the Estate Tax? Yes or No, Much Remains to Be Done” by C. Jordan BallIII; “The Statue of Limitations for an Action for Breach of Trust” by Charles M. Sims and Michelle K. Burke; “Tax Return Preparer Penalties” by Timothy R. Mucha; “Removing the Limitations on the Devisavit Vel Non Actions” by Richard C. Ferris II and Stephen J. McKinney; “Estate Planning Issues Affecting Parents of Young Children” by Kathi L. Ayres; and “Transitioning Inherited Retirement Assets, a Classic of Catch-22” by Helen Modly.

Publication of the newsletter online was begun to reduce print costs and conserve materials. It is the board of governors’ five-year goal to have 95 percent or more of section members receive the newsletter online.

The section presented a program at the Virginia State Bar’s 2008 Midyear Seminar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The topic was “Upsetting the Applecart: If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy,” by John T. Midgett.

For fiscal 2009-10, Julie A. King was elected chair of the Trusts and Estates Section; Neal P. Brodsky, vice chair; Martha L. Sotelo, secretary; and Southy E. Walton, newsletter editor. New members of the board of governors are George B. Sheppard Jr. of Richmond and Nathan R. Olansen of Virginia Beach. Mr. Olansen was named assistant newsletter editor.

Updated: Sep 03, 2009