Virginia State Bar Report of the Treasurer

Cash with the Treasurer of Virginia as of June 30, 2010

Cash with the Treasurer of Virginia as of July 1, 2009:  $3,360,215.65
Membership Dues9,100,136
Clients' Protection Fund Assessment & Restitution731,262  
Professional Corporations103,100 
Section Dues370,545  
Virginia Lawyer and Virginia Lawyer Register33,753  
Virginia Lawyer Referral Service238,756  
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education908,438  
Professionalism Course224,620  
Cost Taxing & Bonds141,200  
Seminars and Miscellaneous368,388  
CRESPA Registration 32,245  
Administration and Finance Account120,175  
Total Revenue  $12,414,660.71
Operating Expenditures:   
Salaries, Wages, and Benefits7,323,461  
Office Rent447,585  
Furniture and Equipment32,680  
Supplies, Stationery and Forms
Printing and Copying116,344 
Staff Travel74,890  
Council, Committees, and Board303,218  
Professionalism Course154,723  
Sections & Conferences347,665  
Attorney General's Office Fees37,521  
Chief Justice's Programs and Projects176,045 
Other Operating Expenditures167,823
Total Operating Expenditures  9,887,102.72
Other Disbursements and Transfers:   
Other Technology Projects43,470 
Lawyers Helping Lawyers100,000  
Administration and Finance Account Transfers102,469 
Clients' Protection Fund Transfers731,262 
Grant Expenditures24,712 
Transfers per Legislature167,099 
Total Other Disbursements and Transfers  1,169,012.03
Cash with the Treasurer of Virginia as of June 30, 2009:  $4,718,761.61

Updated: Jan 10, 2011