Virginia State Bar Report of the Treasurer

Cash with the Treasurer of Virginia as of June 30, 2009

Cash with the Treasurer of Virginia as of July 1, 2008:  $2,584,557
Membership Dues9,078,492    
Clients' Protection Fund Assessment & Restitution691,923   
Professional Corporations108,250  
Section Dues371,114  
Virginia Lawyer and Virginia Lawyer Register38,980  
Virginia Lawyer Referral Service252,425  
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education800,180  
Professionalism Course217,785  
Cost Taxing & Bonds118,715  
Seminars and Miscellaneous413,121  
CRESPA Registration 114,525  
Administration and Finance Account100,978  
Total Revenue  12,323,709
Operating Expenditures:   
Salaries, Wages, and Benefits7,649,623  
Office Rent390,164  
Furniture and Equipment45,830  
Repairs and Maintenance6,405  
Supplies, Stationery, and Forms54,358  
Printing and Copying176,650  
Staff Travel97,678  
Council, Committees, and Board327,499  
Professionalism Course177,267  
Sections & Conferences356,828  
Attorney General's Office Fees47,593  
Chief Justice's Programs and Projects176,328  
Other Operating Expenditures206,028  
Total Operating Expenditures  10,630,992
Other Disbursements and Transfers:   
Other Technology Projects2,660  
Lawyers Helping Lawyers100,000  
Administration and Finance Account Transfers101,873  
Clients' Protection Fund Transfers691,923  
Grant Expenditures20,337  
Transfers per Legislature266  
Total Other Disbursements and Transfers  917,059
Cash with the Treasurer of Virginia as of June 30, 2009:  $3,360,215

Updated: Sep 03, 2009