Technology and the Practice of Law

Kellam T. Parks and Lisa A. Robertson, Co-chairs

The mission of the Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law is to educate and advise the Bar and the public, in areas where law and technology intersect. During the past year, the Committee has met once per month by telephone conference call, and gathered in person for an annual meeting in Richmond. Frequent meetings have allowed us to share ideas and maintain forward progress on a number of activities.

The Committee has developed two CLE programs: "Practicing Law in the Digital Age:  Successfully Leveraging Technology for Your Practice and Trials," and "Let's Talk Tech:  Bringing Lawyers and Technology Together in an Ethical and Practical Way".  These CLEs, or adaptations, have been presented by a two person team (a Committee member and a VSB representative) to several local bar associations, The Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys, and The Old Dominion Bar Association. 

Members of the Committee write a brief column for each issue of the Virginia Lawyer. In August 2015, three Committee members prepared substantive articles for publication in the Technology issue of the magazine.

Our Committee has established a web page. See  We will be providing links to published articles and a calendar identifying the dates and locations of our CLE programs. This website will be regularly updated by Committee members.  We are also working on a list of the technology policies of the various courts around the Commonwealth.  Once completed, this list will be posted on the website.

Members of the committee during the past year: Charles Bennett Molster III, ex officio; Kellam T. Parks and Lisa A. Robertson, co-chairs; James M. McCauley and Gordon R. Hickey (Bar staff); Jennifer G. Dean; Robert Dean; Erin Hapgood; Roya P. Ewing; Brandon K. Fellers; Justin S. McLeod; Kristopher R. Olin; Neil Talegaonkar; David Bice; Marvin Lee Smallwood, II.

Updated: Aug 03, 2016