Technology and the Practice of Law

Kellam T. Parks, Chair

The mission of the Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law is to educate and advise the Bar and the public, in areas where law and technology intersect.During the past year, the Committee has continued to meet once per month by telephone conference call and gathered once in person for an annual meeting in Richmond. Frequent meetings have allowed us to share ideas and maintain forward progress on a number of activities. This year’s activities included:

  • Continuing to update CLE materials related to technology and the practice of law to share with Bar associations and present with our members when requested
  • Submitting articles to the Virginia Lawyer
  • Gathering information from all courts in Virginia as to their technology policies for lawyers and the public, as well as what technology they have available for lawyers’ use in the courtroom.  The end goal is a master spreadsheet to publish on the Committee’s VSB Website. The Committee is working with the Committee on Self-Represented Litigants on this topic and has consulted with the Virginia Supreme Court due to their recent model policy
  • Volunteering to assist in the Virginia-wide E-filing initiative explored by the Legislature
  • The creation of a Cybersecurity Guide for the VSB

The Committee is being merged with the Future of Law Committee moving forward by the design of the newly-elected VSB President, Marni Byrum.

Current Members of the committee: Charles Molster III, ex officio; Kellam T. Parks (chair); Emily Hedrick (VSB staff); Hyatt Shirkey; Andrew Dean; Erin Hapgood; David Bice; Brandon Fellers; Brittany Johnson; Robert Bauer; David Bice; Brandon Osterbind; Beth Waller; and Lisa Brook.

Updated: Jul 02, 2019