Technology and the Practice of Law

Charles B. Molster, III, Chair

The Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law is composed of lawyers with expertise and interest in legal technology. The committee educates and advises the bar and the public in areas where law and technology intersect.

The Committee meets approximately once a month, and had a total of eight meetings during the 2014-15 year.  Meeting topics for the year included the following: use of technology in law practices around the Commonwealth, large and small; use of technology in courts around the Commonwealth (urban and rural); ethical issues relating to technology and the practice of law; numerous issues relating to social media and the practice of law.  The Committee also discussed posting instructional videos to the VSB website (or a Committee website), and/or videos of the CLEs referenced below, as well as sponsorship of the VSB Tech Show to be chaired by Sharon Nelson in May 2016.

The Committee developed a “turnkey” CLE program that could be given around the Commonwealth to address the above issues.  The first CLE was held in Norfolk on October 14, 2014, and additional CLEs are planned for Roanoke, Richmond, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Abingdon and the like. 

The Norfolk CLE held on October 14, 2014 was very successful, and was co-sponsored by Virginia CLE (3.5 hours of CLE credit, including 1.0 hours of Ethics credit).  The title was “Practicing Law in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology for Your Practice and Trials,” and there were approximately 45 attendees.  The presenters were Kellam Parks and Chip Molster, and the program included a very informative Judge’s Panel including the Honorable Henry C. Morgan (EDVA District Judge); the Honorable Douglas E. Miller (EDVA USMJ); the Honorable John R. Doyle, III (Norfolk Circuit Judge); and the Honorable Stephen C. Mahan (Virginia Beach Circuit Judge).

The Committee is also planning a 4.0 hour CLE (including 2 hours of Ethic credits) in Richmond in October 2015, relating to Technology and the Practice of Law, and the presenters are expected to included James M. McCauley, Kellam T. Parks and Charles B. Molster, III.

The Committee is also planning to develop FAQs and/or white pages regarding ethical issues relating to technology and the practice of law, including practical considerations for lawyers regarding Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1 and 1.6 (both as is and if amended).

The Committee is considering other activities that could be of assistance to the bar or the public regarding technology and the practice of law, and stands ready to address any such issues that the leadership of the bar would like.    

Members of the committee were Charles Bennett Molster III, chair; Lisa A. Robertson, vice-chair; James M. McCauley; Kellam T. Parks; Joseph T. Buxton, III; Jennifer G. Dean; Roya P. Ewing; Brandon K. Fellers; Justin S. McLeod; Kristopher R. Olin; Daniel H. Ruttenberg; Neil Talegaonkar; Lyla M. Zeidan; and Gordon R. Hickey.

Updated: Jul 06, 2015