Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law

Alan S. Goldberg, chair

The Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law is composed of lawyers with expertise and interest in legal technology. The committee educates and advises the bar and the public in areas where law and technology intersect. In 2012-13, its members wrote articles that were published in the April 2013, February 2013, October 2013, and June/July 2012 issues of Virginia Lawyer.

Meeting topics for the year included reviewing compliance with privacy and security requirements of governments and related business and law firm policies, and considering timely developments in the law affecting the use of technology. In addition, the committee prepared a CLE presentation for the Annual Meeting titled “Attorney Professional Competence in Technology: An Introduction and Foundation for Enhancement,” which was intended to provide current information to Virginia practitioners regarding basic computer competence for attorneys and the ethical use of technology. The committee also considered the possibility of petitioning for conversion to a VSB Section.

Members of the committee were Alan S. Goldberg, chair; Michael A. Minter, vice chair; James E. Bowman II; Joseph T. Buxton III; Joel C. Cunningham Jr.; David Zachary Kaufman; Fredric Lederer; Olivier D. Long; Alice N. Lucan; John L. Lumpkins; Charles Bennett Molster III; Kristopher R. Olin; Lisa A. Robertson; Daniel H. Ruttenberg; James M. McCauley, ex-officio.

Updated: Jul 08, 2013