Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law

Blackwell N. Shelley Jr., chair

The Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law comprises of lawyers with expertise and interest in legal technology. The committee educates and advises the bar and the public in areas where law and technology intersect. In 2010-11, its members wrote articles that were published in five issues of Virginia Lawyer.

Meeting topics for the year included reviewing section and committee participation and compliance with Virginia State Bar social media policies; instructions to jurors regarding tweeting, texting, and Googling; and ethical implications of cloud computing.

Members of the committee were Blackwell N. Shelley Jr., chair; Alan S. Goldberg, vice chair; and members James E. Bowman II, Ellen C. Carlson, Joel C. Cunningham Jr., David Z. Kaufman, Professor Fredric Lederer, Olivier D. Long, John L. Lumpkins, Walter Everett Lupton, Michael A. Minter, Charles B. Molster III, Daniel H. Ruttenberg, and Cullen D. Seltzer.

VSB Ethics Counsel James M. McCauley was an ex officio member of the committee, and Rodney A. Coggin served as the VSB liaison.

Updated: Jul 21, 2011