Senior Lawyers Conference

Carrollyn C. Cox, Chair

This has been an active year for the Senior Lawyers Conference (SLC).  Membership as of last count stood at 20,255.  All lawyers licensed in the State of Virginia over the age of 55 years are automatically members of the SLC.

The Senior Law Day programs is flourishing, with two Past Chairs of the Board of Governors of our Conference (Bruce Robinson and Robert Hawthorne, Sr.) dedicating a great deal of energy in refining the program to make it easier for local bar associations to plan and present their own Senior Law Day program.  For those bars wanting more assistance, these fine gentlemen will bring the entire program to localities, leaving the local bar the responsibility for as much or as little of the planning and presentation of the event as that group is willing to provide if the program provides the location and any food to be served.  This popular program utilizes the Senior Citizens Handbook that is a publication of the SLC.  

Building on discussions at SLC board meetings over the past few years, the update of the handbook is underway and all members of the VSB are encouraged to submit information on their area of expertise.  One of the newest members of the Board of Governors, Barbara Anderson, has stepped up to undertake the large task of coordinating submissions for each subject covered by the Handbook.

ProBono Chair, John Oakey, has encouraged us, told us war stories about his end of career shift to pro bono legal assistance in domestic relations cases, and guided those of us who answered his entreaties to devote at least a portion of our time to assisting legal aid societies with the overflow of cases in need of a lawyer.

In keeping with the VSB and Supreme Court of Virginia’s focus on life and practice balance and the increasing levels of stress and substance abuse of lawyers, the SLC Conference Board of Governors is co-sponsor of 3 CLE events focused on assisting with “Lawyer Wellness,” two of which were presented at the Annual Meeting.  The third, a VaCLE live and televised CLE on Lawyer Mentoring, will be first presented in August, 2019.  In addition that CLE, the Senior Lawyers Conference is still in the early stages of creating a Mentorship program, with cooperation from the Young Lawyers Conference and others.

The SLC sponsored the April 2019 edition of Virginia Lawyer magazine, contributing articles and being featured on the cover.

The SLC sponsored a brunch for the presentation of recognition for the members of the Virginia State Bar who have been members for 50 years.  The brunch was held on Saturday, June 15,2019 as part of the VSB Annual Meeting.  Two hundred seventy-three lawyers reached the magic number of fifty years of practice before the bar and 35 were present to be recognized for their achievement of this important milestone in a career serving the public.

The chairmanship of the SLC this year would not have been possible for me, had it not been for Stephanie Blanton, our former liaison to the VSB and Sylvia Daniels, new liaison who stepped in to Stephanie’s shoes early in the year, and the active support and encouragement of the entire SLC Board and VSB staff.  Thanks to you all.

Updated: Jun 21, 2019