Senior Lawyers Conference

Robert L. Calhoun, chair

All members of the Virginia State Bar who reach the age of fifty-five are automatically members of the Senior Lawyers Conference. No dues are required to participate in the activities of the conference.  In the past year, the conference had 14, 832 members.

The budget for the conference in 2011-2012 was $25,000.  Budgeted expenses include  reimbursements for travel and other expenses incident  to the conference meetings in Charlottesville, the printing of the very well-received Senior Citizens Handbook, hosting the conference’s continuing legal education program and the presentation of fifty-year certificates at the VSB Annual Meeting.

This year’s CLE, titled “Lawyers Serving  Senior Citizens Using the Senior Lawyers Handbook,”  presented a panel including a Virginia House of Delegates member Christopher Stolle discussing issues of handling dementia within a family, the importance of estate planning for certain contingencies and dealing with the effect of death or disability of an attorney in practice. 

A highlight of this year was the continuance and expansion of a tree-planting initiated by conference past-chair John H. Tate.  This project, now known as “Trees for Virginia,” involves a cooperative effort by the conference and the Virginia Department of Forestry to solicit members of the bar throughout Virginia and others to plant trees.  This program has become very popular and has resulted in over 7,000 trees being planted in the spring of 2012.  John Tate will continue to chair this effort in the coming year.  This program is supported entirely by voluntary contributions.

Closely related to the “Trees for Virginia” project was a joint conference/Virginia Bar Association ceremony on the state Capitol grounds to dedicate a tree in honor of the late Chief Justice Leroy Hassell Sr.  The dedicatory ceremony was attended by several justices of the Supreme Court and leaders of the bar.  John Tate offered comments on behalf of the conference.

Conference board member Frank O. Brown has continued to serve as the editor of the conference’s web page which includes many publications of the conference, including the Senior Citizens Handbook.  An updated and revised edition of the handbook is scheduled to be issued this fall.  Frank Brown also continues to present his very popular seminars “Protecting Lawyers and Clients Interests in the Event of Death or Disability” throughout the State. 

Conference board member Bill Wilson has continued the conference’s efforts to sponsor or support Senior Citizens Law Day.  A number of such programs were held in 2011-2012.

For 2011-2012, the new officers of the conference will be:  F. Warren  Haynie Jr., chair; John M. Oakey, chair-elect; Edwin A. Bischoff, first vice-chair; Renae R. Patrick, secretary;  Robert T. Vaughn Jr., treasurer.  New members of the conference are Judge (ret.) John E. Kloch of Alexandria, Judge (ret) William L. Wellons of Victoria, Carolyn Cox of Virginia Beach, Phillip N. Davy of Norfolk and John D. Eure of Roanoke.

Over the last year, VSB liaison Stephanie Blanton has continued to provide very helpful support in person and by electronic means to the members of the conference and its programs. 



Updated: Aug 08, 2012