Special Committee on Seminars

George Warren Shanks, chair

The principal function of the Special Committee on Seminars is to plan upcoming Midyear Legal Seminars. Members of the committee for 2010-11 were James O. Broccoletti, Peter W. Buchbauer, John E. Byrnes, Richard L. Camaur, Wayne F. Cyron, Danielle A. Ferguson, Terry N. Grimes, I. Lionel Hancock III, James W. Korman, William F. Roeder Jr., William L. Schmidt, Stephen A. Strickler, and Judge George D. Varoutsos.

The 2010 Midyear Legal Seminar was held at the Park Tower Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 4-12. Approximately one hundred attorneys, judges, and spouses attended. The continuing legal education program included the following presentations: “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Addressing Limited Liability Company Disputes,” sponsored by the Business Law Section; “Grandparent and Third-Party Custody and Visitation,” sponsored by the Family Law Section; and “Trying Cases in a Better Way: Your Reputation Depends Upon It.” The seminar qualified for nine hours of mandatory CLE credit, including 1.5 hours of ethics.

The committee also completed plans for the 2011 seminar, which will be at the Hotel Grande Bretagne  in Athens, Greece, November 2-9. Approximately 120 participants were registered. Updated: Jul 26, 2011