Resolution of Fee Disputes

Mission Statement

The Special Committee on the Resolution of Fee Disputes oversees the Fee Dispute Resolution Program in order to: provide an avenue, other than litigation, for the expeditious and satisfactory resolution of fee disputes between attorneys and their clients through mediation and uniform arbitration proceedings; and to foster trust and communication among attorneys and clients.

The committee works to establish FDR committees in each judicial circuit and provides training sessions for those committees. Additionally, the committee collects and records data regarding circuit committee activity; and develops and implements awareness strategies among the public and the legal profession.

The committee's work may include other specific assignments or requests in its general area of responsibility from the bar's officers, th executive committee, or council.

At the end of each bar year on June 30, the chair of the committee shall submit an annual report outlining the work and accomplishments of the committee during the preceding bar year. In addition, the chair shall prepare an interim report by February 1 each year for review by the executive committee and the council at their February meetings.

2018-19 Committee

Alexander Nathan Simon, Esq.
2604 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220
 804-783-8282  2021 / 1
Steven Givens Owen, Esq.
Vice Chair
Courthouse Law Group
2521 North Landing Rd Ste 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
 757-427-3348  2020 / 1
Alan Stewert Anderson, Esq.
4011 Ellicott St
Alexandria, VA 22304-1011
 703-578-0079  2020 / 1
Caroline Elizabeth Browder, Esq.
Roth Jackson Gibbons Condlin, PLC
919 E Main St Ste 2110
Richmond, VA 23219
 804-977-3372  2020 / 2
David Adam McKelvey, Esq.
Crandall and Katt
366 Elm Ave, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016
 540-342-2000  2019 / 1
Robert Paul Stenzhorn, Esq.
Schempf & Ware, PLLC
4000 George Washington Mem. Hwy.
Yorktown, VA 23692-2724
 757-369-1199  2021 / 2
Edward Seayers Whitlock, III, Esq.
Lafayette Ayers & Whitlock, PLC
Crossridge Professional Park
10160 Staples Mill Rd Ste 105
Glen Allen, VA 23060
 804-545-6251  2021 / 1
Mr. Thomas J. Gallagher
Lay Member
2200 Founders View Ln
Midlothian, VA 23113
 804-399-5007  2019 / 1
Mr. John Joseph Mable
Lay Member
13118 Penhurst Road
Midlothian, VA 23113
 804-897-4451  2021 / 1
Mrs. Stephanie Blanton
Virginia State Bar
1111 E Main St Ste 700
Richmond, VA 23219-0026
 804-775-0576  ---- / -
Updated: Dec 13, 2018