Military Law

Prescott L. Prince, Chair

The Military Law Section continues to serve the needs of Virginia lawyers by providing continuing education programs and publishing and distributing an educational newsletter to its members. The Military Law Section serves attorneys who practice in areas likely to be impacted by laws unique to the military and its members.

The Military Law Section currently has 282 members. The annual budget for the past fiscal year was $3,296.00 and has a remining balance of $2,232.21.

The Military Law Section held four board meetings this past Bar year to coordinate its programs. The section released its newsletter, Military Law News, in April 2020. The board worked with Virginia CLE to plan the Annual Military Law Symposium in Quantico, scheduled for May 2020, but the seminar was cancelled due to COVID-19.

As with many other aspects of life, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically disrupted the business of the Military Law Section and some of the functions that directly benefited Section members were cancelled.  As noted above, our spring CLE at Quantico was cancelled as was our traditional end-of-year luncheon at the VSB Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.  These cancellations greatly disappointed me since, in addition to the depriving the Section members of the educational and business aspects of these functions, these cancellations deprived us of the opportunity to renew old friendships, develop new ones and work collaboratively to develop new ways to provide service to our Section members and to the military community that we serve.  This “social” aspect of section membership is a function that must never be overlooked.  In my role in coming year as “Immediate Past Chair,” and thereafter as a Section member, I am committed to continuing to serve the Military Law Section in whatever capacity in which I am needed to try to renew these traditions and, where necessary, assist to develop new educational and social opportunities.             

The leadership of the Military Law Section for the upcoming year includes the following board members and officers:

Oliver L. Norrell, III, Chair
Richard J. Prevost, Vice Chair
Christian L. Reismeier, Secretary
Wilson T. Mustian, Newsletter Editor
Prescott L. Prince, Imm. Past Chair
James S. McNider, III
Kathryn Freiburger
Scott F. Hallauer
Richard P. DiMeglio
Thomas K. Liu
Dwain Alexander, II
John "Alex" Chudoba

Finally, I would like to conclude by thanking the members of the Board as well as all members of the Military Law Section for their hard work and their dedication and commitment to serving the military community. 

Updated: Jul 16, 2020