Special Committee on Lawyer Malpractice Insurance

R. Paul Childress, chair?

The Special Committee on Lawyer Malpractice Insurance (“LMI Committee”) created an orientation handbook for its members and held an orientation session for its new members, Jennifer Crane, Len Heath, Dan Krisky and Garrett Smith by telephone on September 25, 2009.  

At its meetings held on September 30, 2009, December 16, 2009, and May 17, 2010, the LMI Committee continued to focus on monitoring the performance of the endorsed carrier, ALPS; increasing the committee members’ knowledge in the LPL arena; and targeting the risk management budget toward educational topics to decrease liability for Virginia lawyers. The Committee did not undertake an evaluation of the endorsement agreement during this bar year.

It continued its dialogue with ALPS on how to retain an insurance industry consultant to act as a resource to the committee in undertaking its evaluation of the endorsed carrier under the Endorsement Agreement, although no agreement was reached on how that was to be accomplished or how the funds were to be obtained to pay for the consultant.

At a special committee meeting on June 30, 2010, the Committee had in-depth discussions in conjunction with ALPS on how to measure success on the risk management front, what new avenues are available to deliver risk management education to the greatest number of lawyers, how to reach more rural practitioners, and what is the right mix of law office management CLE versus substantive law CLE.

Lex Dunn of Richmond, Virginia, will join the Committee as a new member on July 1, 2010, due to the departure of Carlotta Thompson who has been unable to participate.

Chris Newbold of ALPS continued to provide excellent educational programs at the LMI Committee meetings held in FY2010.

Updated: Jun 23, 2011