Local Government Law

Rebecca D. Kubin, Chair

The Local Government Section continues to serve Virginia lawyers by providing a forum to share resources for public and private practitioners of local government law. 

The Section currently has 773 members. The annual budget for the past fiscal year was $9600.00 and has a remining balance of $7200.58.

The Section held four board meetings this year and released Winter 2020 and Spring 2020 issues of its newsletter, The Journal.

On May 6, the Section hosted a webinar: “Ministers of Justice: Ethics of Prosecuting Code Enforcement,” presented by David A. Lord. The webinar committee is planning additional webinars in the coming months.

The Section has traditionally offered a Fellowship to a law school student who works for a local government office during the summer months. This year’s recipient was Haley Maddrey, who will spend the summer with the Suffolk City Attorney’s Office. 

The Section did not have its annual meeting in June due to cancellations necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Board carried on its business from our remote locations and held a section-wide vote for its new board members, all with the invaluable assistance of our VSB liaison, Mallory Ralston.

The leadership of the Section for the upcoming year consists of the following board members and officers.

Bernadette S. Peele, Chair
Cynthia A. Bailey, Vice Chair
J. Vaden Hunt, Secretary
Rebecca D. Kubin, Imm. Past Chair
Susan W. Custer, Newsletter Editor & Webmaster
Anna T. Birkenheier, YLC Liaison
Wade T. Anderson
MinhChau N. Corr
Kathleen A. Dooley
Michael W.S. Lockaby
Brian J. Lubkeman
Wahaj Memon
Kevin A. White

It was a privilege to serve as Chair alongside some of local government’s finest representatives, who I am proud to say maintained their enthusiasm for supporting local government attorneys, even during a pandemic. 

Updated: Jul 16, 2020