Local Government Law Section

Blair D. Mitchell, chair

As of June 6, 2011, the Local Government Law Section had 616 members.

The budget for fiscal year 2010-11 was $9,695. The budget for 2011-12 is $9,375.

Annual Meeting CLE Program
The Local Government Law Section partnered with the Construction Law Section to sponsor a continuing legal education program titled “Prosecuting and Defending Claims Under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act.“ Presenters Guy W. Horsley Jr., Michael A. Branca, and Andrew R. McRoberts addressed fraud in construction projects, with particular emphasis on the effects of the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act (Virginia Code §§ 8.01-216.1 et seq.).

Member Communication
This year the section continued to successfully publish its Journal of Local Government Law. All four quarterly editions were published in a timely manner. The Journal remains a law-review-quality exposition of current legal issues facing practitioners of local government law. It included articles on pro bono opportunities for local government attorneys, ethical implications of social media, public procurement law issues, the legality of employee furloughs, and other topics.

Significant Issue for Section
The most significant issue facing the section is whether to convert to electronic-only publication of The Journal of Local Government Law. For now, issues are distributed in paper form and electronically to those members for whom we have e-addresses. The board of governors will continue to explore whether to switch to distribution only by electronic means, if we obtain email addresses from all members.

Officers for 2010-11 were Blair D. Mitchell, chair; Karen M. Adams, vice chair; and Roderick R. Ingram, secretary. Elizabeth K. Dillon was immediate past chair.

Officers for 2011-12 are Roderick R. Ingram, chair; Leo P. Rogers, vice-chair; and Erin C. Ward, secretary. Blair D. Mitchell is immediate past chair.

Updated: Jul 19, 2011