Litigation Section

Gary A. Bryant, chair


Section Membership
The Litigation Section had 3,118 members on June 1, 2013.

Budget for 2012-13
The section was afforded a budget of $34,800 for fiscal year 2013.

Joseph M. Rainsbury continues to lead the Litigation Section quarterly newsletter, Litigation News, which is provided via email to section members and published on the section’s page at The Revised Handbook on Appellate Advocacy in the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Court of Appeals of Virginia, 201L Edition remains available online through the Litigation Section’s web page, as well as in print.

Annual Meeting Program
Under Barbara Williams’s leadership, the section presented a continuing legal education workshop at the VSB Annual Meeting titled “Navigating the Sea of Rules and Regulations on Medical Records, Privacy and Medical Evidence in Virginia.”  The speakers included Douglas E. Piner, John M. Cooper, Brian N. Casey, and Jonathan L. Thornton. 

Midyear Seminar
In 2012, Justice Elizabeth Lacey, Scott Ford, and Barbara S. Williams presented a CLE program on behalf of the section at the VSB’s Midyear Seminar titled “Get Your Head Out of the Cloud: The Effects of Globalization and Technology on the Practice of Law.”  At the 2013 Midyear Seminar to be held in Paris, France, Gary A. Bryant and Robert L. Garnier will present a CLE program on behalf of the section titled “Aberrant Jury Outcomes.”

Law in Society Essay Contest
Lead by Nancy Brizendine, the Law in Society Essay Contest was again sponsored by the Litigation Section and the VSB’s Communications Committee. The essay contest took a different approach this year with the contestants being asked to craft legislation and a position paper supporting that legislation. Submissions were made from schools throughout Virginia, and awards were presented at various local schools at their respective awards assemblies.

Officers and New Members in 2013-14
Litigation Section officers elected for 2013 are:  Barbara S. Williams, chair; Timothy E. Kirtner, vice chair; Kristan B. Burch, secretary, Jeffrey L. Stredler, treasurer. Gary A. Bryant is immediate past chair.

Candace A. Blydenburg and J. Matthew Haynes are new members elected to the section’s board of governors. Nathan Veldhuis, who previously served on the board as liaison to the Young Lawyers Conference, has been elected a regular member of the board.


Updated: Jul 11, 2013