Legal Ethics

Eric M. Page, Chair

The Committee received two LEO requests in FY 2018; one resulted in LEO 1889 (pending approval by SCV) and one has been carried over to FY 2019. The Committee also resolved, by informal letter to the requester, one LEO request that was carried over from FY 2017.

The Committee issued three LEOs for review/approval by Council and SCV:

  • Revised LEO 1750 – Advertising Compendium; approved by the SCV on April 20, 2018, effective immediately
  • LEO 1885 – Ethical Considerations Regarding a Lawyer’s Participation in an Online Attorney-Client Matching Service; approved by VSB Council in October 2017; pending approval by SCV
  • LEO 1889 – Scope of Representation – Duty of Court-Appointed Lawyer to Appeal Termination of Parental Rights Order; approved by VSB Council in June 2018; pending approval by SCV

The Committee released three proposed rule amendments for public comment:

  • Proposed Rule 1.10(a) – Non-imputation of personal conflicts; issued for public comment in May 2018
  • Proposed Rule 1.8(e) – Financial assistance to clients; issued for public comment in May 2018
  • Rewrite of unauthorized practice of law rules proposed by the Study Committee to Revise the Unauthorized Practice Rules; issued for public comment in May 2018

Opinions pending consideration by the Committee include:

  • Prosecutor’s duty to disclose evidence favorable to defendant
  • Rule 4.2 compendium opinion
  • Inadvertent disclosure of privileged information

The Committee also withdrew four LEOs: 1029, 1119, 1297 and 1321.

Ethics hotline calls through June 29, 2018, totaled 7,286, for an average of 607 calls per month.

Updated: Jul 05, 2018